Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Okay sorry its been busy!

Here is an update. My lovely cousin invited me up to her family cabin! it was lots of fun and I appreciate her letting me come. then I've been to St george with friends and then just hanging out at cedar. I need to bring my camera around more so That i can update you all :D Love you all so much!

I have been working/going to school/sleeping/working out/ hanging out. Phew

been busy busy busy. but here are some updates.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Here is a list of mY new Favorite things that gets me through the days. ITs just a random list just to update people on what I have been into lately. lol

Taco Bell, Specifically the Five layer Burrito for 89 cents.

Dangly Necklaces

Pink...because she is the one girl who I idolize, and I would be deathly afraid of her if she got mad at me. She has Power! and she Is beautiful...and and and...I think i love her. LOL

I got into Painting my nails... Love it!

Well other than that...My life is boring. haha. love ya all!

April 2, 2010

Well, I know i know its been a long time since I've updated. What can I say, I have been living the life. I finally Got a Job!!! woot woot. Full time, Evenings. Its in a call center though, boo but we're getting trained now and that is pretty chill.

Well, Here is my story of the night that made me laugh. At my job, there is this guy who is Just plain HILARIOUS! anyways, there is a girl who they have Nick named a Pokemon name... and He was all, SPEAKING OF POKEMON, I FOUND ONE! we were in the middle of training and he was like, Every one Come around and sit and i will tell you the story.

So 5 of the twenty kids slid in to here this magnificent story...He really really built it up and was one day i was walking in the woods...blah blah blah and then for some reason he picked up this piece of wood. And under neath it was a bee this huge. Okay so he held his hands apart 6 inches.

A class discussion beings. "That is unbelievable."
"I Know right?"
"No really... I dont believe it..."
"I'm not lying"
someone else "Maybe it was a bird"
"NO it was not a bird, It was a pokemon."
"What did it look like"
"It had stripes..and wings and walked like this" kid acts out walking...
"DID you touch it?"
"NO I saw it an ran away!"
"I bet you Screamed"
"I did...but i Screamed a Man Scream"
We all laugh....he's not really very masculine...I question what team he hits for...then "Its still unbelievable."

Funny thing is our trainer is sitting up in the front of class just watching this discussion....with a look on her face like...What the... It was great

The rantings of a class at 11:00 at night where everyone is either half asleep, or hyped up on as much caffeine as possible (i swear we need to get IVs of it) are Just amazing! One thing i love about this new job. I'm making friends, Making money, and staying busy. SO there is my story of the day. :D