Saturday, February 26, 2011


Okay, So I've been studying how to become a great Advertiser... and I had to do a presentation on what makes a good Ad.   It shows that Simple is better.  One idea, nothing bigger and better and scattered blah color throw up... does not sell.

As I was presenting this though I had an AH HAH! type moment.   We have been counselled to simplify our lives.   Not only in what we do, but i think keeping things clean keep it simple, not having a ton of things is simple... Not having so many bills... IS SIMPLE!  

By Small and simple things......

One step at a time move forward.   yes life throws you a bump or two but really... everything works out in the end.  

Favorite Scripture today:

Alma 34: 4

" Yea, even that ye would have so much faith as even to plant the word in your hearts, that ye may try the experiment of its goodness."

As time goes on....

 Okay I take a lot of pictures... and i love my neices and nephews so I've been cleaning out photos and such on my computer and i came across images that look a lot a like... besides the time. ha  I thought it would be cool to share