Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well this is for my dad! : click HERE to see my Photography blog :D

Well a little update from Lara Ville, I've been having a hard time adjusting to the whole roommates thing again! But its okay, I've been more social and more apt to Leave my apartment so its a good thing :P

I still love the opportunities my job as a photojournalist has been providing me! its really amazing what you learn Actually working for a company to do photography. It has a little stress that i feel like i have to do my best, and therefore try and stretch the abilities of my camera and Me for the matter. Just a different angle captures something new! its amazing. I compare to my boss his photos at the same event and his are always a better angle (or i may be too critical of my work) But no its made me step beyond my comfort zone and I've learned so much more!

Along with meeting people at work this means i meet more friends. there are people i've "known" that i work with but Now I'm amazed how just seeing them more has made me excited to know them. they are all so smart and It just makes me feel welcomed. I find myself hanging out in that office even when i dont have to do anything! ha ha ha. its great.

Well thats all for now :D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is the photo right before i got hit. See how the other team players are all looking concerned... yup haha they saw it coming. and the ball way up at the top? haha yup hit me. The SUU player i know, he's not going to get off easy ;P haha

and this is what happens when the camera hits your face... you bleed. my nose bled a lot for such a tiny thing. It scared me though ha! the crowed all went OOOOOHHHHHHHH! it was funny, I waved and everthing went back to normal. ha SO funny!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Need some motivation?

This website is awesome. It plays motivational videos and gives motivational quotes. Its great to help you get going :D

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Well, I've started my new job as a photojournalist for the SUU Journal. I'm pretty excited. though its going to be a lot of work, i think i will learn a lot from it! I've already had to fulfill 2 assignments. One was covering a press conference and I was able to play with a really really nice lens! It made me drool to hold it! IT weighed a bunch too so taking pictures for an hour at a press conference made my arms tired :P Supposedly they will be printing some of my work in the next edition of the paper. I'm pretty stoked :D

Here are a couple pictures i took of president Benson:

Happy Benson

Mad Benson!

The other assignment is called SUU talks. Its were i have a question and walk around campus and ask ppl this question get their picture and then post it with their answer. At first i was really scared just cause its not really my character to walk up to random ppl and ask their opinion. So i broke out of my shell a little.. but by the end of it... I found out its a great way to talk to really Handsome guys. Just go up to them and ask then i get their names and class standing. also what they are studying Ha this job may help me sort through potentials :P

Well thats a sum up from me :D i'll keep things updated on when they are getting printed and stuff :D