Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring BREAK!

 Well I was ALL over Utah this past week.  I went all the way up to Logan to take pictures for a wedding. I was so NERVOUS but it turned out really well.  How Terrible would it be if you took bad pictures at a wedding?   I had my sister Michelle with me though so she really helped calm my nerves and also she helped me remember shots i wanted to take.  She was great help.
Then i was lucky enough to stay in Salt lake a while with her and her family.  I love those kids!  they are great and it was fun to hang out with kyle and michelle.   I'm so happy they are back in UTAH!

then I went to Price.  My parents were great to go on rides with me to take more photos.  They are very supportive of me.  All my family is and I love them all! The picture below is of My Niece Kenlee and Me! She is so smiley!  Love it!

Then Spencer got Baptized!  Its so crazy he's 8!   I feel old... I remember when Michelle was pregnant with him that doesnt seem so long ago!
I'm proud of him, He's a great kid!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

24 years

eleventh birthday cake

IT's my birthday!!!!!

So I was driving home from Provo today and I had a close call with a stupid driver... No uh details, but it made me think.  If i were destined to die today on my way home... what would i have been able to take with me?  What knowledge do i have now that I didn't before I got here?

One thing:   Families are the greatest!  I love them all!  they teach you to love and learn and how to handle difficult situations.    I'm blessed to have the family i do!

Another things:  You have some control over your life, but in the end, it all depends on a greater force.  whether you believe in god, a greater being, cosmos, luck, karma, the force... what ever ultimately life takes turns on its own free will and how you handle those changes and how flexible you are determines what you learn.   Some things are good surprises, others your life will feel as though its about to break. But thats what is so great about life, You don't have any idea whats around the corner and its exciting to see where the road will take you.

Also, Do not take anything or anyone lightly.   If you love being with someone embrace it.   One day that person may be gone... Enjoy every day you have. If your happy Rock out to it! if your having bad luck.. keep moving forward.   Live your Life!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm on a roll!

Okay so I have need to blog little things here and there lately... I guess i'm making up for past time when I didnt update at all!

Well I was reading my sisters blog and she summarized the last two months and I think I want to follow in her foot steps.

Photojournalism:  time consuming but fun

Valentines day:  Was great

Day after Valentines Day:  Not so great ha

Men I've adored:  4

Men that have adored me: I'm sure millions... ha

Web site:  Up and running  ;)

Classes:  Going well, Feeling like i'm kept up

Family:  Miss them all terribly

Roommates:   We... wont got there ha

Friends:  Making new ones and maintaining great old ones.

Graduating?  YES

Food:   Found out i Hate fries now!

Goals:   To find self.

Happy?   Most the time

Room:  Semi clean

Photography:  wedding in a week

Facebook.... a little too attached...

Sleep cycle:  WAY OFF

Hmmmm yup thats all i have for now!  anyways Oh i took these photos today woot :D


There have been many regrets I have... Some of sins, choices I've made, people I've hurt.... but I have Never, NEVER regretted going to church, praying, reading the scriptures or other goodly activities as these.

Over the past few years, I have had many cross roads.  Things i could have done that have presented themselves time and time again, and those times i followed gospel teaching in these choices, I do not regret.

I read somewhere that "Living as Jesus taught brings no regrets"

I believe it. Do you?