Monday, October 11, 2010

Well, Here is my update. Its been a while i know... but here we go.
So I've been busy with school and trying to rediscover myself.

Some things i've been keeping in mind...
I am a Daniels girl! What does this mean? Well The Daniels' Culture is to

A. Do the right thing
B. Be strong
C. Laugh
D. Cherish the good things in life
E. Love

So I know that my family is pretty amazing. I have great examples to follow and I'm grateful
The Lord decided i should be apart of this family. I have an Amazing Father who has always worked so hard to provide for his family, He always is willing to laugh, and Is a great person to everyone.
My mother is a hard worker, She is an amazing example of service, she gives of herself and time to help her children and others all around her. She Also has a great sense of humor and she is never to proud to be silly :D

My sisters are all wonderful examples. They take life by the horns and Just keep on keepin on. I'm so grateful to have them all. Thank you God! My cup runeth over.
well here is a picture with my wide angle lens. LOVE IT!!!!

then I love photojournalism. it helps me get out and see new things :D:D Well that is my small update. Next time I'll have more :D