Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why just a bucket list? here is my 2010 list

Okay so I have established a bucket list...such as Graduate from College, Go to Spain Ext ext. but i realized i am getting depressed looking at it. It seems to just have things I'll accomplish some day.. but I've made a new one i want to do all these things before the end of 2010!

so here we go

1. Go to a concert
2. Go on 5 dates ( i know i shot low on this one...lol)
3. Lose 25 lbs
4. Get active in the church
5. got to Vegas
6. Hike Delicate Arch
7. Hike Angels Landing
8. get a B average out of all my classes
9. Catch a Giant Fish!
10. star gaze with a friend
11. Camping with a group of friends
12. Preform one song
13. Go Ice Fishing
14. Run 5k
15. Swim in a lake
16. get a pedicure
17. Blow up one of my pictures and frame it
18. Read 10 Books
19. Go snowboarding
20. Do One pull up
21. Do 25 straight man push ups.

So I invite everyone to do this. IT makes life seem more meaningful, making me not focus on things in the just now, and the mundane repetitions of every day stuff.

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