Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Again

Well, I have a moment between classes to update. I've been busy and trying to find balance to do everything and try and start my photography going. I'm having two shoots this next week and I'm super excited for that. I cant wait till I have like 5 shoots a week, then eventually get up to maybe more than that a day! I can dream. hahaha

Well Classes are going well. I'm having a hard time with my Communication research class. My teacher is slightly confusing and gets on tangents all the time. Then another class i have is media law. So many confusing court cases i have to remember. Oh well, Its working out, I'm just ready for this semester to be done with. ha

I Love my Major though! I'm so excited to have found something I am this happy to do. I think it is a good thing to fall back on if photography doesn't take off like I'm dreaming it will. I also researched agencies to work with, They have several in Utah! who would have thunk?! There are 4 companies in Cedar, several in Salt lake and there are 2 in PRICE!!! I'd love to move there close to my parents! If it works out that would be awesome!

Well other than that, I'm in institute. Love it, and my singles ward isn't that bad. Still a ton of emphasis on dating and such, but hey they like to promote it, i wont put it down. Its been a blessing to have in my life, I've realized as I go my weeks seem to be getting better and better. It really helps to have an eternal perspective of life instead of our every day worries.

I'm in search of a night job. maybe not one that is sooooo late, since i have to wake up early but maybe 20 hours or 25 a week i could quit my other jobs and be fine. Well, time to get to my other class. Adios :D

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