Thursday, November 4, 2010

just an update

Well, I've been asked recently by a lot of people how my life is going and I thought i should give an update. Well first off my divorce is finalized! it seems like its been forever to get things done and ready. It went through Oct 18th so its a good thing.
School is going splendid. I love my classes and this major is really good for me, I'm a Communication major with an emphasis in advertising. Its a great fit for me and i'm excited to move on from college with it.

life is just an adventure... i was so sad when everything had started to happen but honestly its been a blessing in my life. I dont wish this experience on anyone else but the lord really knows whats best for all of us. I have learned so much about myself and life, Its been a blessing in disguise to learn everything i have. I'm so excited for the next phase in my lie and the adventures i will be partaking in :D

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