Sunday, September 11, 2011


I know they say whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.. but I really dont party like a rock star so I feel I can share what I did.  haha well I went down for a photo job.  My cousin's little girl is getting baptized next month so they wanted pictures taken for the invitations.  So here are some photos I did.

We then hung out and ate out and went down to the strip.  ha It was an awesome trip. I love my family 
down there!  

We went and ate at this place called "Bid Dogs" It was divine! OH I ate a lot of GREAT food when I was down there!   Then we went down the Strip in the morning so I could see what was all down there.  The Stratosphere is probably my favorite one next to the Luxor.

Oh and this picture is special for my pops.   Its the pawn shop off Pawn Stars!!!    I was like.. Ah i wish i had something cool to take in.  oh well... ha a picture would have to suffice. 

My beloved Luxor... may be the closest i get to a Pyramid.  haha

Thank you Vegas for the weekend. It was truly fun.  Now back to homework!  blah.

oh yeah.... I went in for a trim and this is what i got... a shag with bangs. ha not sure how I feel about it.  
oh well... things happen. 

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J,B and K said...

Nice Pics and I am glad you are updating your blog! I like your hair!