Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Fall Fall!

I love Fall!  Okay I love fresh vegetables,  Pumpkin flavored things, Sweaters, 
Yellows, Oranges, and Reds! OH MY!
Need I say any more?

I find myself drawn to the mountains more in fall and of course
I never wear the right shoes for hiking as demonstrated below. 

The sky was the right shade of Blue, the Leaves... gorgeous!  And just an all around 
Awesome day. 

Oh and I discovered this Beauty over the break. Its pretty awesome... all rusted and what not. 
Had to take a picture of course!


Jen B. said...

LOVE fall too!! :) and of course love love LOVE your photos :) such a good eye you have.. haha

Kyle/Michelle said...

We will try this again... (Commenting and seeing if it actually sticks). Anyway, I really think that you are a great photographer, but with your nature and still shots, you shine.