Thursday, July 8, 2010

the Ultimate Check list

okay picture thing I think is only going to be a facebook thing. lol so I'm done for now unless i get a really cool one picked out.

Well my bishop advised me to write about why my marriage did not work out so I may remember it and be able to share it with my future children (if that means he can tell i'll get remarried again I'm all for it!) lol

Okay so some things that didnt work out:

Not completely honest. Always trying to find loop holes
The time on games, NO Bueno
different religious backgrounds
not an equal amount of shared responsibilities
and finally: not the best relationship with the in-laws

okay then a dear brother-in-law told me to write down a check list of things i want in a future man based on what i've learned. so here we go!

Same religious needs
mature but with a sense of humor
dislikes spending hours on games
i feel safe while he is driving
make me laugh
likes adventures
Rarely angry

okay that is a small list and i know i have more. but I just wanted to share that i know my future is in my hands now and That I plan on not wasting it! I just hope the next step in my life doesnt seem so far away and also that i may accept where i am and enjoy it.


carla said...

love the list and for me the third from the bottom was crucial.
and I married the first man who REALLY made me belly laugh.

14 years later Im still laughing....


Kyle/Michelle said...

I like your list. And I agree- enjoy where you are at right now in your life, because even though there are trials, your life is pretty darn good! :) You are amazing and can do whatever you want to do!