Saturday, January 8, 2011


Well, I've started my new job as a photojournalist for the SUU Journal. I'm pretty excited. though its going to be a lot of work, i think i will learn a lot from it! I've already had to fulfill 2 assignments. One was covering a press conference and I was able to play with a really really nice lens! It made me drool to hold it! IT weighed a bunch too so taking pictures for an hour at a press conference made my arms tired :P Supposedly they will be printing some of my work in the next edition of the paper. I'm pretty stoked :D

Here are a couple pictures i took of president Benson:

Happy Benson

Mad Benson!

The other assignment is called SUU talks. Its were i have a question and walk around campus and ask ppl this question get their picture and then post it with their answer. At first i was really scared just cause its not really my character to walk up to random ppl and ask their opinion. So i broke out of my shell a little.. but by the end of it... I found out its a great way to talk to really Handsome guys. Just go up to them and ask then i get their names and class standing. also what they are studying Ha this job may help me sort through potentials :P

Well thats a sum up from me :D i'll keep things updated on when they are getting printed and stuff :D

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