Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well, Its officially Crazy weather! I was having a hard time enjoying my ticket writing job. It was snowing like crazy!

See that was my Sad face from all the snow haha

Well today has been Uneventful other than that. Its been great though because I've been in contact with a lot of my friends lately and they are all good to talk to and give me their support.

Last night I probably did a No No and went to a movie...lol its a no no because I haven't quite found a job yet. but I really really wanted to see it! I went to Alice in Wonderland And I LOVED IT! I wouldn't recommend it for little kids though because the monsters can be a little scary and there were alot of eye poking outs... lol Over all I thought it was well done. WE went with a group of three and two out of three liked it. the one who was not in favor said she doesnt really like disney movies so, they happy cheerful middle parts werent for her. haha.

I would completely adore a friend such as the Mad Hatter the Johnny Depp played. Sigh okay maybe just any one that is Johnny Depp. But no, the Character was faithful and was wanting to be with Alice at all costs. I need to find someone who thinks of me first. but I guess i need to be a good friend to have such a good friend huh.

But as we all know the movie was in 3D so here is our picture with the lovely glasses :D

I am enjoying cedar more now than I had before because A. no tv to steal my time, B. I have friends who drag me out to do things So thank you all my friends :D

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Kyle/Michelle said...

I want to see that movie! Someday we'll get a babysitter and see it... maybe. And you don't have a T.V.? We just got rid of an old tiny one, wish I would have known. But it sounds like you dont' need it anyway. Glad to hear you are having a fun time in Cedar! Love ya!