Monday, March 8, 2010

Wow Sorry

I have had a busy Time! lol, My birthday was last Saturday so I was able to throw my hands in the air and yell PARTY! haha. No really, It was a blast. this weekend though made me realize that I have the greatest friends and family in the world.

My Momma and Sister came down and we had fun just hanging out, then my Friends came over that night and we had a Great Party! We had a bomb fire and I actually jumped over (when it was small)

and then My new friend Shaka has this Crazy/dangerous game... he called it Focker ball where you tie shirts in a dozen small knots one on top of the other and then pour a little gas on it...and light it. lol You are able to kinda juggle it around and throw it. as he said, It makes you feel like Super Mario when you have Flower Power! Yeah...I played with it...probably singed my hair a bit, but it was great! okay so I'm trying to upload some pictures from my Lets see how this goes.

This is a picture of me walking around in the Snow! haha its cold but hey its a job. Writing tickets is the bomb

I really have nothing to say about this one...


Andrea, Magnum and Mags said...

Laralee, I think about you all the time, not in a creepy stalker way, but in an, I'm sorry I got so mixed up in being in a hurry I forgot to be a good friend way. I hope you're doing ok, and if you are ever down ephraim way, please find me! (We live in castilleja aka, catch-a-diseas-a ) :)

kayleegreen said...

That bonfire was the BOMB! I'm glad you had a great birthday! :) LOL and I love that photo of you with the lovely glasses. they look like ones my dad used to wear when I was little. lol they look much better on you! :D

Michelle said...

I think you look like Napolean Dynamite in that last picture. :) Glad you had a fun birthday! Sure do love ya!