Sunday, March 6, 2011

24 years

eleventh birthday cake

IT's my birthday!!!!!

So I was driving home from Provo today and I had a close call with a stupid driver... No uh details, but it made me think.  If i were destined to die today on my way home... what would i have been able to take with me?  What knowledge do i have now that I didn't before I got here?

One thing:   Families are the greatest!  I love them all!  they teach you to love and learn and how to handle difficult situations.    I'm blessed to have the family i do!

Another things:  You have some control over your life, but in the end, it all depends on a greater force.  whether you believe in god, a greater being, cosmos, luck, karma, the force... what ever ultimately life takes turns on its own free will and how you handle those changes and how flexible you are determines what you learn.   Some things are good surprises, others your life will feel as though its about to break. But thats what is so great about life, You don't have any idea whats around the corner and its exciting to see where the road will take you.

Also, Do not take anything or anyone lightly.   If you love being with someone embrace it.   One day that person may be gone... Enjoy every day you have. If your happy Rock out to it! if your having bad luck.. keep moving forward.   Live your Life!

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Katelyn said...

So I totally forgot to change your blog address on my blog so it obviously hasn't been showing when you update. Anyway, happy belated birthday! You look really pretty in that picture! :)