Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring BREAK!

 Well I was ALL over Utah this past week.  I went all the way up to Logan to take pictures for a wedding. I was so NERVOUS but it turned out really well.  How Terrible would it be if you took bad pictures at a wedding?   I had my sister Michelle with me though so she really helped calm my nerves and also she helped me remember shots i wanted to take.  She was great help.
Then i was lucky enough to stay in Salt lake a while with her and her family.  I love those kids!  they are great and it was fun to hang out with kyle and michelle.   I'm so happy they are back in UTAH!

then I went to Price.  My parents were great to go on rides with me to take more photos.  They are very supportive of me.  All my family is and I love them all! The picture below is of My Niece Kenlee and Me! She is so smiley!  Love it!

Then Spencer got Baptized!  Its so crazy he's 8!   I feel old... I remember when Michelle was pregnant with him that doesnt seem so long ago!
I'm proud of him, He's a great kid!

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