Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Well I have another love of my Life Its art. lol I'm posting some pictures for my mom to use for a presentation in church so here are some of my works and some explanations why i think they are great lol.

In this image there is a imposed shape the sky makes. a Triangle. the lines create a center point in the image.

This image shows texture pretty well

Rule of thirds applies here

Line for this image

Line and Repetitive Shape.

Complimentary Colors. Red and green are nice.

this one has some green and red hints in it plus a lot of line with the rim of the pot. also rule of thirds subject matter is not centered in this image.

Perspective is always fun to play with.

this image has a ton of complimentary colors mixed in. I also like it cause the rocks kinda create this repetitive shape.

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