Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Blind Man

Well, today the weather has been crazy cold. Snowing in almost blizzard conditions. I was feeling sorry for myself thinking Only if it were sunny, only if i were happy. A lot of wishing and needing on my part.

I write tickets for a job so I had to be out in this for 5 hours. In my last hour when I felt my worst i look up and see a blind man. He looked my age and he had to walk around with a walking stick. He wore shorts and a light jacket. Obviously no one told him it was going to be a cold day. As he walked along he had a hard time finding the path because it had not been shoveled. So he was walking back and forth back and forth but he was doing pretty well. When he got on a hard sidewalk he booked it. I could not keep up with him.

Thinking about this it made me realize. My husband was gone, but I am still an able bodied person. I can see and walk. I can take care of myself. I could be in a much worst position. i guess it made me think i am going to make it. If this man can walk around in a blizzard with no help, then i can too.

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