Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New movement

Well, Here is what is new in my life...

Papers still not filed. Husband is debating if he can give me what i need. but right now I'm not on the high list. if we had scores...i think i may be a zero...or even a negative on the ranking.

He's given me the couches though. so that is a plus.

I was sadly informed though by a friend who i s a guy...who i liked a while before i was married...that since I'm going through a divorce...I have been tainted. Like a man will find
it hard to love/marry me because I've done it. That marriage is too special to waste it on someone who has done it before.... Thanks pal. I mean that is not what a girl would like to hear, but then again it is probably true.

Oh man I hate feeling this way. That I have become second best to the one man i gave my entire self too.

I am LDS and lets just say premarital sex is a major no no...because its the best gift to give a spouse and it will bind you together and blah blah blah. well...i didnt have premarital sex but does that now classify me as in the "unclean" group? haha i was just picturing Divorce as a form of Social Leprosy. Reminds me of a video...i should have a tattoo on my forehead that says recall or rejected or something.

Anyways i think this is all i have tonight. Not much but its something.

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